Name Specifications To order
6% fluorinated frother Intende to extinguish non-polar (water-insoluble) flammable liquids (oil, petroleum products, organic and synthetic oils). Order
Activated carbon type BAU-A, BAU-LV Used for the purification of alcoholic beverages, drinking water, food, wine clarification. Equipment filters aftertreatment. Steam condensate cleaning. Order
Activated phosphate flour Highly effective, environmentally friendly mineral phosphate fertilizer of prolonged action. GOST 5716-74 Order
Aluminum sulphate, 15-17%, CAS 10043-01-3 Used as a dye for fabric and for industrial water purification for both drinking and technical purposes. It is a standard coagulant with high cleansing ability. Order
Aluminum vanadium catalyst AOK-78-55 It is used in the process of selective reduction of nitrogen oxides with ammonia. Order
Aspartame E951 Absorbable low-calorie sweetener, sugar substitute. Order
Barite (BaSO4) Is use for increasing the density of drilling fluids in the drilling oil and gas wells. Order
Biocides A biocide is a chemical substance intended to combat harmful (including disease-causing) organisms, i.e. destruction and prevention of microbial growth. Order
Biomats Used as an artificial substitute for damaged layers of the earth. Order
Carbon alkaline reagent (UShR) Used for processing clay solutions, as a fluid loss reducer. Order
Catalyst AOK-72-55 It is used in the process of isomerization of light gasoline fractions, intended for the production of gasoline that meets the requirements of environmental class (Euro-5). Order
Caustic soda Caustic soda (NaOH) - used for compression, alkaline purification of pyrogas, oxidation and neutralization of spent alkali in the ethylene plant and the preparation of demineralized water Order
Citric acid (Anhydrous) E330 Used in the food industry as a food additive - acidity regulator and antioxidant. Order
Citric acid (monohydrate) E330 Used for the preparation of soft drinks, marmalade, waffles, marshmallows, etc. Order
Coke breeze Used as a fuel in the process of sintering nickel and iron ores, non-ferrous metallurgy, the production of ferroalloys and electrodes. Order
Corrosion inhibitors The main purpose of corrosion inhibitors is to reduce the aggressiveness of gas and electrolytic media. Order
Cyclohexane solvent Used for the ethylene polymerization, catalyst deactivation, adsorption of spent catalysts, separation of a polymer solution. Order
Demulsifiers These reagents are intended for dehydration and desalting of oil and are used in systems of preliminary discharge water and used in oil treatment installations. Order
Depressant additive It is a specially selected combination of copolymers in a hydrocarbon aromatic solvent and is designed to effectively lower the pour point of residual fuels. Order
Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) Used to reduce coking and coke. Order
Drive Chains (Sleeve / Roller) GOST 13568-97, ISO 606, DIN 8187, ANSI B29.1M Order
Driving roller chains with increased strength and accuracy GOST 21834-87, API Spec7F Order
Ferrochrome lignosulfanate-M (FHLS-M) and its analogues Used to control the rheological characteristics of process fluids with a high content of solid phase used for drilling. Order
Flotoreagent-oxal Brand T-92 Used for the manufacture of plasticizers for rubber products and film materials. Order
Fork traction chains GOST 12996-90 (R) Order
Formic acid (HCOOH) Used in dyeing wool (whitening agent), for tanning leather. Order
Frother type AFFF Fluorine-containing film-forming brand PO-RZF Order
Frother wetting agent type WA It is an aqueous solution of surface-active substances (SAS) with functional additives. Order
Frothers type S General and purpose of widespread use for extinguishing fires of classes A and B. Order
Geocell The structure consists of small volumetric cells connected in a staggered manner. Order
Geomats Used for the arrangement of roads and slopes. Order
Geomembrane The main purpose of the geomembrane is the waterproofing of objects. Order
Geonet It has a cellular structure, which is obtained by interlacing, melting or stitching polymer fibres. Order
Geotextiles The most popular areas of use: Gardening and landscape design. Building. Drainage systems. Order
Humate potassium reagent (HPR) Used for processing non-saline washing liquids, it has a negative effect on the stability of the walls of wells composed of clay rocks. Order
Hydrate inhibitors The use of this reagent allows you to drastically reduce the amount of methanol. Order
Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan neutralizers Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan neutralizers are used in oil and gas industry to remove (neutralize) hydrogen sulfide. Order
Isobutyl potassium xanthate Used as a collector reagent (flocculant) for ore beneficiation by flotation. Order
KATIONIT KU-2-8 Used in the process of water treatment, for water purification from impurities, for softening and desalting of hard water, for purifying waste water on an industrial scale. Order
Lamellar traction chains GOST 588-81, DIN 8187, ISO 1977 Order
Lower crankshaft D100.05.101sb-3 Lower crankshaft for diesel 10D100 Order
Manganese Sulphate (MnSO4) Used as a component of dyes. Order
Monosodium glutamate E621 (MSG) Used as a taste enhancer. Order
Oil soluble demulsifier Used to destroy (stable and resilient) oil-water emulsions, and to ensure the water content in the crude oil is not higher than the maximum permissible. Order
Perchlorethylene (tetrachlorethylene, PCE) Used to wash out paints and as an inert solvent capable of dissolving many organic substances. Order
Polyoxychloride Aluminum Used for purification and conditioning of drinking water, in water treatment processes, boiler rooms, for water purification in pools. Order
Potassium Sorbate E202 (C6H7KO2) Used as conservant. Order
Potassium xanthate butyl Used as a flotation reagent-collector in the enrichment of ores of non-ferrous and rare metals by the flotation method. Order
Pump Rexroth A10VSO Used in hydraulic systems of drilling rigs. Order
Round and anchor chains Round and anchor chains Order
Scale Inhibitors Used to prevent the formation of carbonate and sulphate deposits of mineral salts in the underground equipment of wells, oil and water treatment systems. Order
Sodium alginate E401 (C6H7O6Na) Use as a thickener and stabilizer. Order
Sodium bichromate (Na2Cr2O7) Used for dyeing fabrics as a mordant. Order
Sodium citrate E331 Used as a conservant, stabilizer or flavor enhancer. Order
Sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS) Used in the manufacture of rayon. Sodium hydrosulfide is also a bleach for cotton, flax and nylon. Order
Sodium Monochloroacetate Used as a herbicide and defoliant. Order
Sodium Saccharin E954 Used as a sweetener, sugar substitute. Order
Sodium silicate soluble Used for the manufacture of liquid glass and as an additive for the production of catalysts, adsorbents, white carbon black, building mixtures. Order
Sodium Tripolyphosphate (Na5P3O10) CAS: 7758-29-4 Used as a sulfamic acid, as an additive when washing all types of fabrics in any water of different temperatures. Order
Sulfanol Sulfanol LAS (СnH2n+1C6H4NaO3S) Order
TiO2 based catalyst Used to produce sulfur by direct oxidation. Order
Upper crankshaft 10D100.05.102sb-2 Upper crankshaft for diesel 10D100 Order
Variator chains Variator chains Order
Water soluble demulsifier Used to destroy (stable) oil-water emulsions, and to ensure the water content in the crude oil is not higher than the maximum permissible. Order
Xanthan Gum E415 The natural chemical compound, food additive E415, belongs to the group of stabilizers. Order
Zeolite CaA Используется на установке цеолитовой сероочистки. Order