Services offered and provided by Alliance Chemical Group Ltd.

1. Development and implementation in the production of new chemical technological processes and products.

LLC "Alliance Chemical Group" on the technical requirements of customers can conduct qualitative and quantitative analyzes of chemical products and compositions, investigate certain deviations in technological processes and issue conclusions and recommendations. Specialists of the enterprise can organize the synthesis and selection of new chemical products and compositions, explore and optimize their properties, develop specifications (technical conditions) and other regulatory and technical documentation, and certify the products obtained. In order to master the low-tonnage production, the specialists of the enterprise can work on the development of the technological process and technological regulations (TR), the selection of the necessary equipment and the issuance of basic data for the design.

2. Conducting quality control, packaging of various mixture compositions and compositions according to the recipe of the client and the consumer.

3. Leasing of storage areas and organization of storage of customer’s products.

Ltd. "Alliance Chemical Group" can provide services to customers in the acceptance, loading and unloading, storage and transshipment of various goods and goods in open and closed storage areas.

4. Transport services.

LLC "Alliance Chemical Group" provides services for the delivery and movement of various goods in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

5. Packaging and packaging of chemical products.