Chemistry for the oil and gas industry

Name Specifications To order
6% fluorinated frother Intende to extinguish non-polar (water-insoluble) flammable liquids (oil, petroleum products, organic and synthetic oils). Order
Barite (BaSO4) Is use for increasing the density of drilling fluids in the drilling oil and gas wells. Order
Caustic soda Caustic soda (NaOH) - used for compression, alkaline purification of pyrogas, oxidation and neutralization of spent alkali in the ethylene plant and the preparation of demineralized water Order
Demulsifiers These reagents are intended for dehydration and desalting of oil and are used in systems of preliminary discharge water and used in oil treatment installations. Order
Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan neutralizers Hydrogen sulfide and mercaptan neutralizers are used in oil and gas industry to remove (neutralize) hydrogen sulfide. Order
Corrosion inhibitors The main purpose of corrosion inhibitors is to reduce the aggressiveness of gas and electrolytic media. Order
Scale Inhibitors Used to prevent the formation of carbonate and sulphate deposits of mineral salts in the underground equipment of wells, oil and water treatment systems. Order
Biocides A biocide is a chemical substance intended to combat harmful (including disease-causing) organisms, i.e. destruction and prevention of microbial growth. Order
Depressant additive It is a specially selected combination of copolymers in a hydrocarbon aromatic solvent and is designed to effectively lower the pour point of residual fuels. Order
Sulfanol Sulfanol LAS (СnH2n+1C6H4NaO3S) Order
Carbon alkaline reagent (UShR) Used for processing clay solutions, as a fluid loss reducer. Order
Hydrate inhibitors The use of this reagent allows you to drastically reduce the amount of methanol. Order
Humate potassium reagent (HPR) Used for processing non-saline washing liquids, it has a negative effect on the stability of the walls of wells composed of clay rocks. Order
Ferrochrome lignosulfanate-M (FHLS-M) and its analogues Used to control the rheological characteristics of process fluids with a high content of solid phase used for drilling. Order
Cyclohexane solvent Used for the ethylene polymerization, catalyst deactivation, adsorption of spent catalysts, separation of a polymer solution. Order
Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) Used to reduce coking and coke. Order
TiO2 based catalyst Used to produce sulfur by direct oxidation. Order
Sodium Monochloroacetate Used as a herbicide and defoliant. Order
Zeolite CaA Используется на установке цеолитовой сероочистки. Order
Oil soluble demulsifier Used to destroy (stable and resilient) oil-water emulsions, and to ensure the water content in the crude oil is not higher than the maximum permissible. Order
Water soluble demulsifier Used to destroy (stable) oil-water emulsions, and to ensure the water content in the crude oil is not higher than the maximum permissible. Order